How  to Order

Quotes are Free

Please note minimum order value excluding shipping is £500


We also offer a free design and consultation process, if required, to ensure you get what you are looking for.

We can work from your description, sketches or images.

We provide free quotes and, where possible, agree as many details as possible before commencing work. 

Your custom commission order will be placed into our production queue on receipt, 

and clearance if applicable, of 50% deposit (item only - not shipping/postage)

of the agreed amount. 

Below is an example of the design process, from sketch to completed prop.

Order process


1. Use the link below, or send an email to  with as much detail as you can, include rough dimensions, length, width, depth etc. and any other information you think may be useful, i.e. if the prop is required to be safe to strike people (LARP Safe) or for Cosplay.  An idea of your budget is also useful. Please supply a few images if possible, we prefer attachments but embedded images and links are also fine.


We will also require your personal details, name, telephone number and address. 

2. We will contact you with a quote for your custom commission, this will include approximate shipping/postage costs. 

3. When all custom commission details are agreed we will require a 50% deposit of the final amount (not including shipping/postage).


Note: you will also need to accept our Terms & Conditions before we include your custom commission into our production queue. 


By prior arrangement only, we may accept payment by instalments, however inclusion into our production queue will only start on receipt of 50% payment of the commission.  


We accept payment via PayPal and bank transfer.  

4.  If you require a commission by a set date please let us know: we will try our best to achieve this for you however custom commissions can take some time to produce therefore we cannot absolutely guarantee a completion date.  

5. Once your commission is completed, we will send you an image and, where possible, a short video: on receipt of your feedback, and agreement, and the final 50% payment (plus shipping/postage) we will dispatch your custom commission to you.  

Things to consider


The larger or more elaborate a custom commission* design is, the more expensive the item will be.

Some custom commission designs are more fragile than others.


Not all custom commission designs are suitable for LARP, such as punch daggers.


If you are intending on hitting, or being hit , with your custom commission we advise you to choose a 'LARP' safe style custom commission.


Each custom commission design requires planning, research and time to build: this time is calculated into the production and is why all custom made items cost more:

The longer a custom commission takes to create the higher the cost of the item.


This is an extremely popular service and a custom commission can take many weeks/months to finalise.


We do accept custom commissions from outside the EU but, shipping costs can be expensive: the bigger the custom item the more expensive it will be as shipping is charged volumetricly.


*We reserve the intellectual property rights on all designs and sketches created by Artyfakes Action Props Ltd.


Live Action Role-Play Specific:-


The density of foam used by Artyfakes Action Props Ltd is suitable for all UK systems and many other systems around the world. There are some system's that require a softer density of foam: our armour, weapon and props can be made in a softer density of foam if required.  You must tell us if you require softer foam.

If you are unsure of any of the above please consult your LARP system organisers.

About our products


Artyfakes weapon's, armour, costumes and props are designed, created and manufactured to the highest standards of safety and durability.  

Artyfakes weapon's armour and props are suitable for Cosplay, Film, Television, Theatre and LARP (live action role-play). 

Most of our products are created from closed cell foam: latex weaponry is created around a glass fibre/carbon fibre spine, which is then coated in pre-vulcanised latex: the density of the foam used gives a good balance of durability and memory whilst still able to compress to absorb impact. 



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